“why are you looking at me like that?”
“like what?”
“like that.”
“i’m not looking at you like that.”
“you are.”
“i’m not.”
“what is it?”
“what is what?”
“what is up? why are you looking at me as though we have done something?”
“can’t you tell?”
“sorry, but no.”
“my eyes, honey, can’t you read my eyes?”
“no, i can’t.”
“did you not see the look on my face?”
“no, sorry. i must have been looking the other way.”
“sometimes i wonder if you know me at all, if you’ve ever really held me, if we suffer the same purpose?”
“you’re saying you really can’t tell?”
“no, honestly, i can’t.”
“you know, sometimes i think ‘what’s the point?’ i really do.”

me, too.


3 Responses to “conversation”

  1. The two maybe be one, but two people close still can’t know each other more than one knows oneself, even that can’t be entirely assured, and this conversation puts the idea in great perspective.

  2. is this a monologue?

  3. i think it is not a monologue but a conversation in a couple. she wishes he could feel her feelings, but he doesn’t, and anyway what they are really feeling, and they both know it, is that their comunication is over, and so is their love.

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