positively phototactic

i suspected them for a long time, but today i confirmed the suspicions: it is all in the looking.

they are working, vital examples of beauty as a source of truth, or rather beauty as a source of non-truth, the confirmation of nothing, the acceptance of the outside as itself, nothing more.

i look at your photographs every night, they contain more than ink and hue. there are stories there. i take some of my own but they do not work. i take photographs for the wrong reasons. you have heard this before.

people die in the face of photographs, they refuse to believe in them and become confounded by the difficulty of their revelation. photographs present more than the unpresentable. within the borders, the entire notion of play that ebbs between the present and the presentable becomes accountable; it is a relationship that of course resides within the unpresentable and it is this that surfaces, more than simple images of obscurities.

(most of all, i hate the photographs that present an irony or a contrast. that is setting up a world that does not exist; the world that you see. ironies and contrasts are present but that is not at all the world.)

people love schematics. i can understand, they say, how emotion can be distilled into a painting. i can see the physicality of the stroke and the texture of the feeling. i can perhaps, they add hesitantly, even see how that holds an inherent resonance that passes through the work to the onlooker. but photographs? no, that is not possible, they say. there is skill, but it is clinical. you need a manual.

they! idiotic voyeurs! damn willing victims! passive reluctant audience!

the camera is not the subject, capturing steadfast objective landscapes on a whim! we do not simply open the aperture and fill it with life! moving the camera does not change the picture!

(i think i am coming to a shuddering, unfounded, but perhaps still valid conclusion, so please relax.)

one can find out exactly how a person views themselves in relation to the world, by how they think of photography. it is connection and distance, involvement and separation, denial and love. it hurts to a core to think of it, but the sense that it involves provokes the thoughts we deny.

(once again i feel forced into a disclaimer: “all that from just a photograph,” i should say, just to let you realize that i realize. i do know, i promise you.)


2 Responses to “positively phototactic”

  1. I, for once, agree with prophet.

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