transit theory

on cleaning my room last weekend, here are some things i uncovered, revealed, disturbed:

  • exotic chandelier fascination
  • imaginary weblog; posts of science and war
  • flagellated anger of a misinterpreted homecoming
  • cold strikes against hot summer
  • a certain regression of peace
  • galleried decoration soiled light fittings
  • a well-bred carpet hidden beneath boxes like frozen neanderthal with closed eyes
  • mountains curving away, desolate and full of future
  • arrogance haunting the self
  • cultured community
  • you-are-my-berlin antidote
  • opposing natural forces lead to dead inuit, worn away appalachian trail
  • struggling to deal with the inertia/with the hardcore/with the organization restraint
  • the reveries
  • tired eyes, kind of like a mascara of regret and manifest and manufacture
  • fields raging with sex

One Response to “transit theory”

  1. barefoot poetry?

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