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definer defined

Posted in Prosage on April 30, 2007 by Mike Rosales

certain books define an era, a genre, a time, a place. others do not. there are those books that define, and those that are defined. this leaves two kinds of readers: those that are defined by the texts that they read, and those that define the texts–the passive and the active.

it is the text-that-must-be-defined that is the more difficult to write, the more rewarding to read and it is these books also that, paradoxically, hold their place in history through their timelessness. they are rooted by their transience.

reading is more important than writing.

however, this is more than mere authorial etiquette (excuse me while i die, won’t you?). it is a concerned removal that must take place for the piece to be classed as great writing, but it can also only occur within a great piece of writing, for this removal occurs under the glare of human relationships.

this false altruism in which we allow another to discover something about themselves, through us (but of course, for us), happens constantly and consistently through life. on many occasions we emit a sense of who we are, without explanation or description–an autograph upon a period in one’s life. this practice is a continual shifting game of catch-up, of establishment, consolidation and rejection until we reach the point of self-knowledge, an area of contentment and settlement.

those that have influenced but not progressed, fade away. they have been defined, and they are transient and passive. those that have remained throughout the change, remain not simply as a bystander but as part of another’s life. they are definers, and are permanent and active.

we must know when to admire and when to argue, when to embellish and when to accept. the reward is to be one of those permanent and active readers, to become lodged within the paragraphs of the text with as much right and purpose as the words themselves. in that way the text is defined and we are definers. the author may then rejoin his text.

the emphasis is on transition, it’s necessity and its mechanisms. the process of reading a great work (that is defined by the reader) is a representation of the forging of human relationships. the process of reading a work that seeks to define (thus denying the reader’s role, and the entire process itself) is a representation of the forcing of human relationships.

the answer, my friends, is within the pages of those novels that wake you in the middle of the night with their incessant talking.


postcard #5

Posted in Prosage on April 25, 2007 by Mike Rosales

anxiety realm approached with fluttering breath, eyelids firmed shut but peculiar form of hope drowns vision ahead of the actual physical barrier, mouth open and torn dreams of intimacy, those revolving pressures borne through absence, the vessel that expands as you fill it.

postcard #4

Posted in Prosage on April 24, 2007 by Mike Rosales

the tang of disappointment, a day broken later than hoped and very little activity embracing the scene. it is not at all a scene. there is no predetermination, nor a recognizable (or explainable) form. where is the focus? but wait: perhaps it is a scene after all. maybe i simply left the pause button on.

postcard #3

Posted in Prosage on April 21, 2007 by Mike Rosales

sitting, daytime, thinking of my other words (the ones i didn’t say), a fan lazily stirring a cliche–ha!–tables and linear production ethics, poetry and love-handles, a symbol is synonymous, a symbol is forever. coagulation of tempories upon a place–aha!–that is it, the coagulation of tempories! binding coincidence regulating the vagaries of the vague, ellipsis and alliteration. i found schools everyday; i am geographer, scientist and engineer.

postcard #2

Posted in Prosage on April 20, 2007 by Mike Rosales

remaining viable, writing small, eating bread, cheese and olives, trying to remonstrate with absence, these alien letters (glean the impression of handwriting), my hand removed from my own, wandering the page searching for a narrative and direction, denying william s burroughs (the greater man does not deny, but promotes and exercises). i deny, to be more precise, burroughsian denial, siphoning meaning from your words, the desolate accord featuring through me.

postcard #1

Posted in Prosage on April 18, 2007 by Mike Rosales

a corner, the smooth line of the wall, dusty suburbs, a task accomplished in the midday sun (more than one), stories (no, no more stories ever again?), a feeling of pulling away (and its beautiful necessity) and even the beauty of the reassurance of the knowledge of the feeling of the necessity of pulling away.

use the force

Posted in Poemage on April 17, 2007 by Mike Rosales

this is shown to be true:
every social suspension cycles through
imperialistic bravado and duel linguistics,
new terms and conjugations,
a redefinition of refuge, an awaiting,
until–beautifully and suddenly–
a thoroughfare presents itself
compelling obsessions about obsessions
allowing shadowed vagrant
to notice the strobe of streetlight
momentary, amber and inevitable
a sight which he cannot deny,
words forcing action, even to himself.