that means doesn’t follow

to-day we have naming of parts. yesterday,
we had daily cleaning. and to-morrow morning,
we shall have what to do after firing. but to-day,
to-day we have naming of parts.

henry reed, naming of parts

our relationship is a non-sequitur. it lasts for the duration of a song. we do not exist without each other.

firstly i push a button. if you were faithful last night, then no more is spoken of last night, it is forgotten. i am happy not to question. we move around each other teasing with colours, a joyful privation. a low, lonesome call resonates through the floorboards, you bring your own light.

this is the process of starting, the naming of parts.

so, you ask me my name and i reply. if you ask further, which you never do, i would tell you what i am thinking about. since you do not ask, i am thinking of the round church and the fretted banjo where you and i sat in the pews and ignored each other, me seething, you doing nothing. that was the end, but this is now halfway through the beginning. you ask my name again. i repeat it and make sure that you hear me this time.

now we play. this is the part where you take time and stretch it with your incompetence and inept causality. i hear you (but do not see you) linking and effecting, causing and joining, a growth and multiplication of one action leading, exponentially, to square roots and binary confirmations. you make associations appear now, just before my fear begins to set in. you are like the fire that i pretended.

my vision is here, i see again, you will it. everything streams in order, filing into a hierarchy and set apart, all set apart like the youngest of orchards, or weather-fronts clashing and proving the new season correct. in the end, our sparks are irrelevant, we function because we have to; the fact that we despise each other makes no difference. the fact that i am alive is just as pertinent as the fact that some day, you won’t know me, but we will meet at a street corner, encouraged by the urgency of our lives.

you will look at me. i will look at you. i have been thinking about you for hours, since i found the letters you wrote me. you don’t remember the letters. your eyes cannot lie. i remember the letters.

i really remember the letters. you didn’t write any. today, we have the naming of parts.


One Response to “that means doesn’t follow”

  1. The names in the moment of togetherness consists not of letters but images and flashes of feeling only a god can remember in totality but a mortal relishes because this is all that one has before oblivion impending despite the hope of afterlife, the names that one could not name but describe the immaterial with cyberletters giving meaning to photons of light from the monitor.

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