use the force

this is shown to be true:
every social suspension cycles through
imperialistic bravado and duel linguistics,
new terms and conjugations,
a redefinition of refuge, an awaiting,
until–beautifully and suddenly–
a thoroughfare presents itself
compelling obsessions about obsessions
allowing shadowed vagrant
to notice the strobe of streetlight
momentary, amber and inevitable
a sight which he cannot deny,
words forcing action, even to himself.


One Response to “use the force”

  1. Yes, for the culture that goes with words, the labels that attack instead of include, in the contests of the highest excreting human fountains, man by solitariness gets silenced by the concrete jungle of immediate harshness that one cannot speak until the threat is over. After defending, the attacks on others may resume (crab mentality?), but it is only reaching the philosophical pupaic stage of humanity that the writer of life and words gets tired of the human against human charade and starts becoming the image and likeness of God. Spread the word!

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