postcard #2

remaining viable, writing small, eating bread, cheese and olives, trying to remonstrate with absence, these alien letters (glean the impression of handwriting), my hand removed from my own, wandering the page searching for a narrative and direction, denying william s burroughs (the greater man does not deny, but promotes and exercises). i deny, to be more precise, burroughsian denial, siphoning meaning from your words, the desolate accord featuring through me.


3 Responses to “postcard #2”

  1. For some reason the postcards remind me of Gertrude Stein and her work in “Tenderbuttons”. I like the continued stream of consciousness. It seemed to flow well with your choice of descriptions. Nice post. Kim

  2. Desolate accord! Even in differences men can be in agreement! Inspired!

  3. The world needs more postcards ehh? Thanks for the post.

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