teenage dreams are hard to beat

an evening of denial and readjustment. the focus on without has led me to the inner, the isolated space where loss habitually finds its home. it is the only part of me that doesn’t feel a part of me. my personal connections mean nothing and social observations lack purpose.

the radio speaks the truth today, not through exclamations of legend, nor anecdote, nor flooding tribute but the fact that it sounds exactly the same. there is no change in programming today, save a few doleful moments of sobriety or even reminiscent jocularity, and it is this continuity that says the most. the radio speaks the truth today; it says nothing.

something is lost, something that gave voice to the wordless, and let it speak for itself, something that hated that truth-of-silence with more positivity, creativity and fervor that had ever been known and may not be known again.

i can hear your voice.

One Response to “teenage dreams are hard to beat”

  1. i want to be a teenager again.
    to be in that limbo is bliss.

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