under the weather

i am bound up with illness, there seems to be nothing wrong with this.

i have known illness previously, in times of lost sleep and broken thoughts, the cascade of disillusion where friends fall like dominos, one after the other. i have seen friends dragged into themselves by ambition and pursuit, falling through their own lives. relatives have flown away on wings of solitude and fanciful regrets, thinking that they are coming back when, in fact, every strained sinew drags them further into the skies. medical men wrap them in cures and acronyms, taping bandages to their eyes, the television sings of the modern way and no one likes to ask.

these are the times that, although we have a bed at home, we sleep in the park.

2 Responses to “under the weather”

  1. be well, my beloved.

  2. get well soon dada…

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