women in this country are going crazy

this morning, i tapped one on the shoulder to ask for directions, she bent her legs down low and dashed quickly out of my view.

this afternoon at the office cafeteria, it was cluttered with angry killing faces. ladies were fighting like chimps over a certain type of tampon, i was lucky to get out of there alive.

and tonight, on my way back home, i saw a woman in the nude putting out her rubbish, she stopped still when she noticed me and politely smiled. she looked straight into me without hindrance, merely embarrassed and didn’t cover herself. surprised, like a baby seal when released from a shark’s jaw, i rushed the rest of the way home.

what’s going on?


2 Responses to “women in this country are going crazy”

  1. mating season, most probably.

  2. Must be the hormones. ;)

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