the notebook is an improvement upon the art of living.

jorgen leth

the act of suspense and forced delay is the tangible endorsement of spontaneity: the silence before the scratch of the writer’s pen.

so now, having released the bonds of public affectation and settled into a consistent understanding of love and torpidity, i prepare to board a plane and take myself to a parallel. i go to visit a lover, to make a new person old.

but it is more than this. this is not so much running away, as running to a vantage point in order to photograph the old life.

(a point strikes home, and my focus wavers accordingly.)

so then, the madness returns! of course! (did it ever leave?) it returns, not as previously experienced, but rather folded and in the form of a plan. i feel its insistence upon my back, but i am a translator for its intentions. i tell it not of what i speak, and instead exorcise its energies into pursuits of the mind. madness is a flight and i can’t stop thinking of unfamiliar streets. very soon i will be there, and very soon i will be back.

my notebook shall be full, i promise. just like the last time i went mad.


One Response to “notebook”

  1. wow, new look! i wonder why the moth has not discovered you?

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