About The Author

i have been blogging since 2004. but, like life, blogs end. they all have served their own purpose, and hopefully, after four blogs, readers or no readers, creating patterns becomes my final home.

things i love apart from writing? photography and eclectic music.

i am jaded and cynical, but at the end of the day i laugh my ass off. i’ve done a lot, seen too much, and yet i feel like nothing ever happened. time is a serpent eating its tail. not quite sure if i’m waiting for the right one, or just waiting for this sad story to end. so, in constant search of inspiration, i try to live a very fulfilling life, escape cliches and dodge hype.

meanwhile, i live, i love, i laugh, i cry.

bullish1974, manila, philippines


6 Responses to “About The Author”

  1. “all memories flow like a river,
    past flowing to the future,
    yet one memory…”

  2. I like your site. I like the “Filler” and the “Diptych” on the side.

  3. La Muse Says:

    If dreams could live… our realities would cheat us! Yet through poetry we escape, we feel, we learn to be who we are and what we are, your poetry is divine as is the inspiration it creates for all those who stop, read and contemplate. Magical. Divine. Beautiful. x

  4. gaano man kalalim ang tubig ng dagat, hanggang dibdib lamang yun ng bibe.

  5. I liked the title though I could make a little of what you wrote…..Your title of the blog is GREAT and very creative…..

  6. c05071979 Says:

    The depth is immeasurable… You’re a legend… :)

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